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Conservatives, the Tea Party and the Shutdown: How We Got Here by Joseph Lowndes

Apocalyptic Confrontation?

When Obama talks about the apocalyptic confrontation over the budget, what's that about?

Obama, Tea Parties, and Apocalyptic Aggression

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The goal of Research for Progress is to use a
global human rights framework

to build democratic civil society, and assist groups and individuals defending and extending democracy, liberty, and equality.

Terrorism, Political Violence, Racism, & Repression

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Power Structure Research

Power Structure Research is a method of analysis based on criticizing unfair systems, structures, and institutions in society.

Power Structure Research rejects conspiracy theory as a useful form of analysis and instead looks at social, political, economic, and cultural practices that create, expand, defend, or restore inequalities based on race, gender, or class.

Power Structure Research unveils the social costs of corporate activities in terms of work, government policies, the quality of life, and the sustainability of a healthy planet.

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What they Say to Their Allies

Want to see and hear what the current leading Republican Presidential candidates say when the speak to the leading Christian Right activists?

Held annually in Washington, DC, the Values Voter Summits are the most important public meeting of the organized Christian Right in the United States.

These are huge, raw, unedited video files that I videoed for notes and fact-checking quotes for my articles.


More to come...

Studying Right-Wing Movements

You can rely on the information found at these online resources:

Right-Wing Populism

(This section is under construction)

Introductory Overviews

Key Organizational Structures in the United States

Four Key Aspects of Right-Wing Populism


Apocalyptic Aggression

The GOP & Racist Producerism

Some Questions for Ron Paul









Sectors of the US Right

Secular Right

Religious Right

"Conservative Right" Above this Line
"Hard Right" Below this Line

Xenophobic Right


New Section on Right-Wing Populism

When President Obama talks about the Congressional budget showdown as apocalyptic...what does that mean?

What is Apocalyptic Aggression?



Movement Building

Websites Curated by Chip

Democracy is a process,
not a specific set of institutions

Democracy is a process that assumes
the majority of people, over time,
given enough accurate information,
and the ability to participate
in a free and open public debate,
reach constructive decisions
that benefit the whole of society, and
preserve liberty,
protect our freedoms,
extend equality, and
defend democracy.

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