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That’s what I put on the back of every photo that left my darkroom with my  rubber stamp.

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Featured Collection
MAYDAY 1970 – Washington, DC – The Streets Belong to the People

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This website is being expanded and divided into sets of photographs of specific events or topics.

1966-1969 – Living in Hillsdale, NJ
1969-1973  – Attending University of Denver
1973-1975  – Living in Washington, DC
1975-1978  – Living In Chicago, IL
1978-2020 – Living In Massachusetts

Note that in each place of residence I would travel to events, meetings, demonstrations, and vacation locations, at which I took photographs.

1966-1969 – Living in Hillsdale, NJ
1969-1973 – Attending University of Denver

University of Denver Clarion
Photo Editor
Editor in Chief
Event Covered

May 1-4 1972 Mayday Demonstrations in Washington, DC

Living and working in Denver, Colorado

College Press Service Collective


National Student Association

National Student Educational Fund

Freelance Journalism
High Times Magazine

Featured Photos:

White Supremacists in Chicago’s Southwest Side Marquette Park neighborhood. Featured fictionally in the Blues Brothers film.