The Alarming Spread of Global Pan-Aryan Religious White Supremacist Movements

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Original early research by Chip Berlet, Frederick Clarkson, Jean V. Hardisty, Ruby Sales, and James Scaminaci III

  • Oklahoma City anti-government Mass Murders
  • Norwegian anti-Left / Islamophobic Mass Murders
  • Pittsburgh Synagogue Antisemitic Mass Murders
  • New Zealand Islamophobic Mass Murders

What do they have in common? . . . . 
1. The perpetrators learned their ideology and developed their own personal violent “Hit List” online.

2. The perpetrators based their worldview on an absurd right-wing conspiracy theory charging liberals and leftists were using “political correctness” and “Cultural Marxism” to censor free speech and undermine civil liberties as the first step toward global totalitarian rule.

3. The perpetrators feared this plan was advancing along with alleged global violence by all Muslims planning the genocide of the “White Race” and the destruction of Christianity itself.

4. These theories track back to the US Christian Right in the 1970s, especially the work of Paul Weyrich and William Lind. Serious scholarly, journalistic, and activist research has been detailing this growing threat to democracy since at least the late 1970s.

5. The mainstream corporate media does not give reporters the time to learn these facts and favors  ignorant essays in print and blathering talking heads over actual investigative journalism.

by Chip Berlet, author of the forthcoming book
Trumping Democracy from Reagan to Alt-Right

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1. The perpetrators learned their ideology and developed their own personal “Hit List” online.

The idea of right-wing organizing networks online is not a new theory, but is based on over a decade of social science research. One of the best early sources is: Digitally Enabled Social Change: Activism in the Internet Age by Jennifer Earl and Katrina Kimport.

Carol Mason and I explored this in:

Chip Berlet. 2015. and Carol Mason. 2015. “Swastikas in Cyberspace: How Hate Went Online.” In Simpson, Patricia Anne, and Helga Druxes, eds., Digital media strategies of the far-right in Europe and the United States. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

Hope Not Hate has excellent material on what they aptly call the White Genocide conspiracy theory that spread via a “media ecosystem” that is largely ignored by the mainstream media. It is the way that some specific right-wing groups and networks such as Alt-Right were built.

Recently Data and Society founder danah boyd gave a keynote: Media Manipulation, Strategic Amplification, and Responsible Journalism for the  annual Online News Association Conference. The speech was covered by Melissa Ryan of Hope Not Hate, who reported that:

…boyd’s description of how hostile actors manipulate us through media and social media…applies to so many of our current villains from Alex Jones to Donald Trump. The strategy she lays out is deployed by Russian trolls and homegrown alt-right activists. It’s a playbook they continually return to, because it keeps working.

Media manipulators have developed a strategy with three parts that rely on how the current media ecosystem is structure:

    1. Create spectacle, using social media to get news media coverage.
    2. Frame the spectacle through phrases that drive new audiences to find your frames through search engines.
    3. Become a “digital martyr” to help radicalize others.

Trump ordered his Secretary of State to investigate this particular conspiracy theory that Tucker Carlson promotes on Fox News, according to Hope Not Hate.

Real Consequences Beaming Under the Media Radar

This conspiracy theory is based on the White Supremacist movement’s current scare tactic of predicting  White genocide–and their plan to stop this is an aggressive campaign of seeding what I am calling:
“Global Pan-Aryan Religious White Supremacist Movements”
…………………………………….. or
“Global Pan-Aryan Exclusionary Religious Integralism”
for us Nerds who study Aryanism and the European Right

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See also current research at: Christian Dominonism

Please note that this concept and chart are not claiming a coordinated conspiracy, but the spread of tropes and memes via alternative electronic communications channels.

The situation is similar to the way that White Supremacists utilized the first  online communications system to spread White racism and antisemitism.

Where to Start Explaining This?
Let’s begin with the original myth of a “White Race”

An influential book available online is:
The Indo-Europeans: In Search of the Homeland

By Author:  Alain de Benoist 
^^^ this link takes you to a racist website

The can searh all they want for a “homeland,” but
Aryans are NOT a Race but a linguistic group


Breivik,  Aryanism, and William Lind’s myth of “Cultural Marxism”

Chip Berlet. “Analyzing Breivik’s Ideology with Social Network Research.” In e-Extreme, the online journal of ECPR, the Standing Group on Extremism and Democracy, Vol. 12, No. 3, (October), pp. 7-8,

Berlet 2011: Anders Behring Breivik:
Soldier in the Christian Right Culture Wars, Talk to Action

Breivik’s Core Thesis is White Christian Nationalism v. Multiculturalism

Author Cited by Anders Behring Breivik Regrets Original Essay

Breivik cited William S. Lind, Free Congress Foundation, & the LaRouchites

Two right-wing conspiracy theories swallowed by mainstream media:

“Political Correctness” and “Cultural Marxism”

Mike Pence and The Roots of the Right-Wing “Political Correctness” Conspiracy Theory


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