Biographical Information

Chip Berlet

Work and Research Experience:

Freelance Journalist and Author, 2016-Current
Political Research Associates, 1987-2016. (Senior Research Analyst)
Better Government Association/ACLU of Illinois, (Paralegal Investigator),
Freelance Journalist and Author, 1977-2018
National Student Education Fund, 1975-1977
National Student Association, 1973-1975
College Press Service, 1971-1973


Attended University of Denver 1968-1972.

Selected Popular Written Material

Dennis King and Chip Berlet. 1993. “The A.D.L. Under Fire: It’s Shift to Right Has Led to Scandal.” The New York Times, May 28, p. A29 (Op-Ed).

Chip Berlet. 1981. “Ever Hear of Lyndon LaRouche? He May be Keeping Tabs on You.” Des Moines Register, September 23, (Op-Ed).


Major Public Auditorium Lectures:

Trinity University, San Antonio Texas. October 4, 2016. “Trumping Democracy: Conspiracy Theories, Right-Wing Propaganda, and Scripted Violence.” Lennox Foundation Seminar on Propaganda and Political Persuasion.

Old South Meeting House, 1991, Speaker Series, “David Duke and Right-Wing Populism.”


Classroom Presentations:

Harvard University
Tufts University
University of Chicago
University of Manchester, UK.

Honors and Awards:
  • Citizens Alert, Chicago, “Rev. Willie Baker Award,” 1987, for the “outstanding efforts of Jean Hardisty, Chip Berlet, and Peggy Shinner in their work for racial justice.”
  • Outstanding Book Awards, The Gustavus Meyers Center for the Study of Human Rights in North America:
    • 1995: Chip Berlet, Eyes Right.
    • 2001 Chip Berlet and Matthew N. Lyons, Right-Wing Populism in America.
  • Drylongso Award, Community Change, Boston, 2009, for “consistent and courageous contributions in the struggle against racism.”
  • National Lawyers Guild, Massachusetts Chapter, 2011, for “your long and proud record of outstanding legal and activist work in the fight for political, social, and economic justice.”

Writer, public speaking, editor, photographer, paralegal investigator, website designer and editor.


Professional Memberships:

  • American Sociological Association

National Boards of Directors

  • National Committee Against Repressive Legislation: 1989-2012
  • Defending Dissent Foundation: 2012-2016

Other Activities:


  • Advisory Board: With God on Their Side, PBS documentary series.
  • Appearances and interviews: Nightline, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and many local radio and television stations.


See for more detailed list with some in full text:


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Chip Berlet and Matthew N. Lyons, Right-Wing Populism in America: Too Close for Comfort. New York, Guilford Press.

Chip Berlet. 2018. (Forthcoming). Trumping Democracy in the United States. Routledge, Abingdon, England

Chapters in Edited Books

Chip Berlet. 2013. “From Tea Parties to Militias: Between the Republican Party and the Insurgent Ultra-Right in the US.” In Sabine Von Mering and Timothy Wyman McCarty, eds., Right-wing Radicalism Today: Perspectives from Europe and the US. Routledge, Abingdon, England.

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