Resources for Defending Democracy and Human Rights

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Studying the US Political Right:
An Online Outline with Links

Table of Contents

Readings that Set the Stage →go!
Core Concepts for the Current Situation →go!
Sectors of the US Political Right →go!
♠ Secular Right →go!
♠ Religious Right →go!
♠ Xenophobic Right →go!
Ground Rules and Tips for Challenging the Right →go!
Some Key Leaders of the US Right →go!
The Tools of Fear →go!
♠ Formula for Discussing Systems of Oppression →go!
Social Science →go!
Progressive Movement Building →go!
Historic Periods →go!
♠ Turning Points →go!
♠ Empire Strikes Back →go!
Political Forms and Tendencies →go!
Miscellaneous (misc) →go!


Readings that Set the Stage

Trumping Democracy
by Chip Berlet for Political Research Associates
The Tea Party Movement & Authoritarianism
 by Robert Altemeyer

Core Concepts for the Current Situation

White Nationalism and White Supremacy
Right-Wing Populism
Fascism and NeoFascism
Heteropatriarchy, Homophobia, & Misogyny
Neoliberalism (1% “Free Market Ideology”)
Plundering the Earth (Ecocide)

Sectors of the US Political Right

Chart originally developed by Political Research Associates.
The links take you to a useful article at a variety of websites.


Secular Conservatism (Generic)
Corporate Internationalism (Neoliberalism)
Business Nationalism
Economic Libertarianism (Right-Wing)
National Security Militarism


Religious Conservatism
Christian Nationalism (Christian Right: Soft Dominionism)
Christian Theocracy (Christian Right: Hard Dominionism)


Patriot Movement
(Right-Wing Populism: Tea Parties, Town Hall Protests, Citizens Militias)
White Nationalism (White Racial Nationalists)
Ultra Right (Sometimes called Far Right or Extreme Right)
(home to organized White Supremacist groups and neo-nazis)

Ground Rules and Tips for Challenging the Right
> Developed by and Housed at Political Research Associates

Some Key Leaders of the US Right

Who are top conservatives leading the charge against human rights?
> Developed by and Housed at Political Research Associates

The Tools of Fear

Systems of Oppression are Constructed by the Tools of Fear to Maintain Unfair Hierarchies of Power and Privilege Based On:

Racism  |  Sexism  |  Classism  |  Ableism  |  Homophobia
Xenophobia  |  Nativism  |  Antisemitism  |  Islamophobia
Religious Triumphalism  |  (and many more)

Formula for Discussing Systems of Oppression

+ Power
= Oppression

Expanded Discussion

As a Chart

Forms of Discrimination (Acts / Methodologies)

Examples: person to person

Structural (defacto)
Examples: within kinship, family, and/or societal structures.

Systemic (defacto)
Examples: political systems (social democracy, fascism), economic systems

Institutional (defacto)
Examples:  Fox News, Tea Parties, John Birch Society, Heritage Foundation, Free Congress Foundation,

Legal (dejure)
Examples: Courts, Police, Parole officers, FBI, etc.

(These can occur singly or in combinations)

Arenas in which Power Struggles Take Place

Social  |  Cultural  |  Economic  |  Political

Unfair power & privilege maintained by social, cultural, economic, or political pressures (norms) create systems of oppression or even acts of repression, violence, and murder. In the most extreme forms these power struggles, especially over land, lead to genocide.

The Processes that Forge the Tools of Fear and Create Systems of Oppression

Prejudice  |  Bigotry  |  Discrimination  |  Dualism
Denigration  |  Scapegoating |  Dehumanization
Vilification  |  Conspiracism  |  Demonization
Demagoguery | Apocalyptic Aggression  | Scripted Violence

These processes are based on ideas (Ideologies) and can produce acts of Passive or Active Aggression ranging from snubs and verbal slurs to physical violence.

The roll of the media: the printing press, telegraph, radio, and Internet each expanded the reach of mobilizing resentment and acts of mass aggression.

The Outcome of Passive or Active Aggression is Oppression

Discrimination  |  Segregation  |  Exclusion
Individual Attacks | Group Attacks
Slavery  |  Expulsion  |  Genocide

Social Science




Progressive Movement Building

The Challenges We Are Facing Today
Race, Gender, Class: Intersectionality Matters
Ethical Coalition Building: Do No Harm
Wearing Different Hats and Juggling Different Ethical Mandates
Power Structure Research
The Global Human Rights Agenda

Historic Periods

Turning Points

Settler Calvinism and White Nationalism
Jacksonian White Populism
The US Civil War and Calhoun’s States Rights Trope
Reconstruction, Redemption, Jim Crow
The 1920s Ku Klux Klan
1915: The First Mechanized Genocide: Armenia
Fascism in Man Forms
The Nazi Genocide
McCarthyist Witch Hunts
Attacking the Civil Rights Movement
Watergate and the Church Committee (FBI/CIA/Military Intelligence)
Bill Clinton & Republican Bogus Conspiracy Claims
Terror Attacks on 9/11
The Economic Collapse

Empire Strikes Back

Bolsheviks, Anarchists, and the Red Menace
Birth of Christian Fundamentalism
Greedster Capitalism and Anti-Collectivism
—(Ludwig von Mises, Freidrich von Hayek, Milton Friedman)
Reversing Roosevelt, Rebuilding Conservatism, and Crushing Labor Unions
Brown Scares, Witch Hunts, and McCarthyism
Buckley and Rebuilding a Conservative Movement
The Powell Memo
New Right, and the Christian Right
The Reagan Revolution
Neoliberalism Expands in the US
Citizens United

Political Forms and Tendencies

The Third Position


Militarism and Manifest Destiny
Unilateralism and National Chauvanism
Conspiracism: A Flawed Analytical Methodology
Screwing the Earth (Planetary Exploitation)

Special Study:
The Ideological Roots of the Republican Party Shift to the Right in Election 2016 by Alex DiBranco & Chip Berlet