Trump and Fascism?

Trump Stump

As the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump took off, white nationalists across the country rallied to his message



One Expert Says, Yes, Donald Trump is a Fascist. And It’s Not Just Trump.



Fascist revolution doesn’t turn back the clock: a reply to Alexander Reid Ross on Trump ~…

Fascist revolution doesn’t turn back the clock: a reply to Alexander Reid Ross on Trump By Matthew N Lyons |…



“Fascism’s revolutionary vision invokes an idealized image of the past, but it does so in the service of creating a new order, not just restoring old traditions…. It’s not true that white nationalist far rightists in the U.S. ‘have always upheld segregation and a racialized caste system as an ultimate ideal.’ Actually most of them moved beyond old-style segregationism decades ago, toward newer visions, such as creating a white separatist enclave through secession, dividing the entire U.S. into apartheid-style racial homelands, or exterminating Jews and people of color entirely.”


Chip Berlet

January 6 · Burlington, MA, United States ·

The “main contradiction” — to coin a phrase — is to recognize the debate over Trump (and Cruz–and the others) is fascinating; but no matter the position either way, the demand of integrity is to take concrete action to defend those under attack. That is the main philosophical contribution of Arendt, and the heroic response of the White Rose Society in Germany in the face of the fascist genocide. If these references seem oblique, I beg all of you to do some Internet searches. Time is short. Our tasks are clear. Stand up. Speak out. History will record if we succeed–but history judges us as to whether or not we tried to stop the juggernaut of bigoted violence–no matter what the definition.


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Cruz and the Evangelical Illusion



Cruz and the Evangelical Illusion

Just after Christmas, Ted Cruz met with several hundred evangelical leaders at a Texas ranch belonging to Farris Wilks, a fracking billionaire who, along with his brother Dan and their wives, have donated $15 million to Keep the Promise II, a SuperPac…




Anti-union SCOTUS Challenge Threatens Church-State Separation: via @theprospect



Anti-union SCOTUS Challenge Threatens Church-State Separation

The Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association case not only puts public-sector unions in danger, it risks opening a new chapter in the war over religion in public…



What does it actually mean when somebody complains about political correctness?

Cartoon for Jan. 6, 2016.



Chip Berlet Check out this version of the Wikipedia entry before it was hijacked by conservative fanatics.…

Political correctness – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Political correctness (adjectivally, politically correct, commonly abbreviated to PC) is a term primarily used as a pejorative to describe language, policies, or measures which are intended not to offend or disadvantage any particular group of people in society; in pejorative usage, those who use th…



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Quotes from Hanna Arendt on police collaboration with Fascism. File under Macho Militarism among Republicans?



Police Repression

Police Repression Notes… Quotes from Hanna Arendt on police ethos “It is true, ascendancy of the secret police over the military  apparatus is the hallmark of many tyrannies, and not only the  totalitarian; however, in the case of totalitarian government the  preponderance of the police not merely a…