Right-Wing Populism

This set of resources will help you understand the mass support for Donald Trump

What are the Core Elements of Right-Wing Populism in the United States?

  • White Nationalist Racism and Ethnocentrism
  • Vilification and Demonization of a Scapegoated “Other”
  • Xenophobia and Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric
  • Dividing the Nation into the “Producers” and the Parasites
  • Conspiracy Theories Claiming a Subversive Threat
  • Apocalyptic Warnings that Time is Running Out
  • Aggressive Misogynist and Heterosexist Male Egocentrism
  • Building a Mass Movement Using Authoritarian Appeals
  • Mobilizing Resentment for Political Gain

Producerist White Nationalism

Demonization Scapegoating


  • Elites, Banksters, & Intellectuals
  • Money Manipulation
  • Liberal Treachery
  • Leftist Totalitarian Plots
  • Islamophophobia
  • Antisemitism

Apocalyptic Narratives &
Millennial Visions

  • Christian Nationalism
  • Apocalyptic Aggression

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