Is it Fascism Yet?

A curated set of videos from Chip Berlet

This set of online videos is designed to be shared to relatives and friends who reject the claim that we are sliding toward a new form of fascism under the Trump Administration

If You’re Not Scared About Fascism in the U.S., You Should Be

By Jason Stanley, Adam Westbrook and Japhet Weeks


This is how fascism comes to America


Henry Giroux: Will Trump’s Deliberate Racist Rhetoric Lead Us to Fascism?


An interview with MARC STEINER

How the internet is making you into a fascist

Timothy Snyder


The Road to Unfreedom

Timothy Snyder

in a collaboration with De Balie

Published on Jun 24, 2 Timothy Snyder: The Road to Unfreedom
Democracy and the rule of law in Western societies are under threat, according to Timothy Snyder, professor of history at Yale University, due to Vladimir Putin’s efforts to destabilize neighboring governments and to stir up dissent in countries from France to the United States. The John Adams, in a collaboration with De Balie, invited Timothy Snyder to Amsterdam to discuss his new book ‘The Road to Unfreedom’, in which he examines how Western societies left themselves open to anti-democratic forces after the Cold War, and how Russia fell into Putinism, which has become a major threat to democracy around the globe.

The Road to Freedom

Timothy Snyder  at the Oslo Forum


After the Cold War, democracy’s spread throughout the world seemed inevitable. And for decades that held true. But in recent years, democracy has steadily been declining. Watch renowned historian Timothy Snyder at the 2019 Oslo Freedom Forum talk about how democracies have become vulnerable and how people are fighting back.

Every Day in the United States
We move from Authoritarian Rule
Toward Naked Tyranny
 . . . . . …and perhaps much worse

Resistance is not Futile!

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–Chip Berlet
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Trumping Democracy in the United States:
From Reagan to Alt-Right

What do the:
. . -Oklahoma City Mass Murders
. . -Norwegian Mass Murders
. . -Pittsburgh Synagogue Mass Murders
. . -New Zealand Mass Murders
Have in Common other than White Supremacy?
The perpetrators learned their ideology and “Hit List” online.

Global Pan-Aryan Religious Supremacist Movements

Hope Not Hate has excellent material on what they aptly call the White Genocide conspiracy theory. They report that President Trump ordered the Secretary of State to investigate this particular conspiracy theory that Tucker Carlson promotes on Fox News This Conspiracy Theory is based on the White Supremacist movement’s current scare tactic of predicting  White … Continue reading

What is Scripted Violence?

Learn how Trump uses the rhetoric of “Scripted Violence”that encourages some of his followers to act out in verbal and physical attacks on Trump’s named scapegoats without a direct connection–but an indirect yet powerful connection that makes Trump morally culpable.

Scripted violence[edit]

The phase “scripted violence” has been used in social science since at least 2002.

Author David Neiwert, who wrote the book Alt-America, told Salon interviewer Chauncey Devega:

Scripted violence is where a person who has a national platform describes the kind of violence that they want to be carried out. He identifies the targets and leaves it up to the listeners to carry out this violence. It is a form of terrorism. It is an act and a social phenomenon where there is an agreement to inflict massive violence on a whole segment of society. Again, this violence is led by people in high-profile positions in the media and the government. They’re the ones who do the scripting, and it is ordinary people who carry it out.

Think of it like Charles Manson and his followers. Manson wrote the script; he didn’t commit any of those murders. He just had his followers carry them out.[30]

Some legal scholars have observed that President Trump has engaged in “stochastic terrorism.” CNN’s legal analyst Danny Cevallos opinion piece said Trump’s comments were likely protected speech, even when referencing a presidential candidate, because it wasn’t directed to inciting imminent unlawful action. And with respect to it being stochastic terrorism added, “It’s scary, and probably true…. It’s hard to predict or measure the effect with any certainty.”

DeVega, Chauncey (1 November 2018). “Author David Neiwert on the outbreak of political violence:”Salon.]

See a Slideshow on the processes involved:

How Mobilizing Resentment Generates Scripted Violence: Analyzing the “Tools of Fear”
by Chip Berlet – Presented at the Pennsylvania Sociological Society Annual Meeting
Northampton Community College, October 25, 2018
(The night before the terrorist murders in Pittsburgh)


There is  also a chart on linked processes that I developed for the Carter Center in Atlanta


Read the full final draft of my chapter:
Heroes Know Which Villains to Kill: How Coded Rhetoric Incites Scripted Violence.”


All fascists use some form of populist rhetoric.
Not all populists are fascists.
Right-wing populism can be a precursor to fascism.
Scapegoating rhetoric in both can lead to violence.
Neither should be ignored.
When most people recognize the potential for fascism
. . . .It is too late to stop it….

Progressives, honest liberals, and ethical conservatives
are our short-term tactical allies
in restoring Constitutional government.
But prepare for what is coming by remembering
the words of legendary progressive muckraker
George Seldes:

. . “Fascism and Reaction inevitably attack.
. . .They have won against disunion. They will fail if we unite.”

–George Seldes, You Can’t Do That, 1938

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