Global Christian Right Dominionism

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Original early research by Chip Berlet, Frederick Clarkson, Jean V. Hardisty, Ruby Sales, and James Scaminaci III

There is a global movement to build a coalition of Christian Right leaders and groups to oppose progressive reforms seeking equality and human rights for peoples of different religions, races, genders, and classes.

Its leadership is largely composed of people who describe themselves as Christians and conservative Jews. They oppose the growth of other religions, especially Islam.

Read this Report by Ruby Sales On the World Congress of Families


Asians and Black people (and other people of color) are welcome as long as they are conservative heteropatriarchal Christians. There are women active in the leadership as long as they embrace conservative heteropatriarchal religious views regarding male leadership as based on a particular interpretation of Biblical scripture.

Progressive journalists and scholars have been writing about this for years.
Exporting Right-Wing Christianity by Jean Hardisty and Chip Berlet
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