Tools of Fear: Dynamics of Bigotry









Conspiracism as a Form of Scapegoating

An Introduction Johnson’s Five Rules of Conspiracism


    • Scapegoating as Ideological Weapon
    • Dehumanization and Demonization
    • The Scapegoat
    • Constructing the Enemy as Scapegoat
    • Social Psychology
    • Scapegoating in Society
    • Some Examples
    • The Role of the Demagogue
    • Totalitarianism



    • The Dynamics of Conspiracism
    • Conspiracism as Scapegoating
    • Conspiracism and Apocalypticism
    • Conspiracism and Countersubversion
    • Conspiracism and Social Conflict
    • Conspiracism and “Secret Elites”
    • Conspiracism as Parody of Institutional Analysis
    • The Political Assumptions of Conspiracism
    • Conspiracism and Right-Wing Populism



    • Rethinking Populism
      • Agrarian populism:
      • Political populism:
    • Right-Wing Populism
    • Populism as Core Element of Fascism


Propaganda & Deception

      • Flaws of Logic, Fallacies of Debate
      • Techniques of the Propagandist

The Sucker Punch Series

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