Apocalyptic Aggression


Many Christian Right Republicans see Obama & the Democrats as Millennial Apocalyptic End-Times Satanic Agents (No...Really!) You Can't Compromise with the Devil! (This is not a new idea - click here for book list - click here for links on Talk to Action) Overviews How this Apocalyptic Aggression Works The merger of apocalyptic frameworks and conspiracy-based belief systems spawns aggressive confrontations that undermine civil society in a democracy. Apocalyptic Aggression occurs when demonized scapegoats are targeted as enemies of the “common good,” and a confrontation seen as not just a political necessity but a sacred duty. Society is portrayed as split between the forces of good and the forces of evil. This dualistic worldview creates needless confrontations and in its most fanatical forms can lead to lead to discrimination and even physical attacks. Aggressive Apocalyptic Religious Triumphalism can become a form of Theocratic Neofascism or Clerical Neofascism in tiny subcultures of Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, & Judaism. Apocalypticism: The belief in an approaching confrontation, cataclysmic event, or transformation of epochal proportion, about which a select few have forewarning so they can make appropriate preparations. From a Greek root word suggesting unveiling hidden information or revealing secret knowledge about unfolding human events. The dualist or demonized version involves a final show-down struggle between absolute good and absolute evil