Coming Next Month:
Trumping Democracy in the United States:
from Reagan to Alt-Right

A New Book by Chip Berlet from Routledge
< https://www.trumpingdemocracy.us/ >

Challenging Right-Wing Populism, White Nationalism,
Gender Panics, Christian Dominionism, Neofascism,
Militarism, Environmental Plunder, and
Greedster “Neoliberal” Economics

All fascists use some form of populist rhetoric.
Not all populists are fascists.
Right-wing populism can be a precursor to fascism.
Scapegoating rhetoric in both can lead to violence.
Neither should be ignored.
When most people recognize the potential for fascism
. . . .It is too late to stop it….

Progressives, honest liberals, and ethical conservatives are our short-term tactical allies in restoring Constitutional government.
But prepare for what is coming by remembering the words of
legendary progressive muckraker George Seldes:

. . “Fascism and Reaction inevitably attack.
. . .They have won against disunion. They will fail if we unite.”

–George Seldes, You Can’t Do That, 1938

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