Challenging Right-Wing Populism, White Nationalism,
Gender Panics, Christian Dominionism, Neofascism,
Militarism, Environmental Plunder, and
Greedster Neoliberal Austerity

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Why a Human Rights Framework for the United States?

We all need to think about ways to defend and extend democracy in America. Too many of our friends and neighbors have never tasted the fruits of democracy promised in the founding documents of our nation. The right to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness needs to be extended to all in our land.

This will happen only if we push back against attempts to erode democratic civil society; and indeed we must move forward together to build democracy for all.

Resources for Defending Democracy and Human Rights
An Outline of Topics with Links

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Be strong.
Have each other’ backs.
Defend every target of demonizing right-wing rhetoric threatening our allies
and those facing oppression or repression.
Leave no one behind:
build a society where no one is thrown under the bus or out of the lifeboat.
Take time for yourself and those close to you.
Let the next generation grow into leaders.
Pass it forward so that the circle remains unbroken.

Chip’s October 11, 2016 speech at Trinity University in San Antonio

“Trumping Democracy:
Conspiracy Theories, Right-Wing Propaganda, and Scripted Violence”

The Trump Collection:

Racist White Nationalist Nativism
+ Christian Right Assaults on LGBTQ & Women’s Rights
+ Neo-Liberal “Free Market” Economic Class Warfare
+ Militarism & International Aggression
+ Right-Wing Populist Demagoguery
===Can Lead to=============================
Devolution of Democracy into Neofascism

{{ Build Multi-issue Grassroots Coalitions Now ! }}

Expanded discussions sprouting from the book by
Chip Berlet & Matthew N. Lyons
Right-Wing Populism in America:  Too Close for Comfort

Mussolini Said What?
The Hoax Quote on Corporatism

Progressives, honest liberals, and ethical conservatives are our short-term tactical allies in restoring Constitutional government.
But prepare for what is coming by remembering the words of
legendary progressive muckraker George Seldes:

. . “Fascism and Reaction inevitably attack.
. . .They have won against disunion. They will fail if we unite.”

–George Seldes, You Can’t Do That, 1938

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