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A Dense Network

Spreading Conspiracy Theories through Subcultures

Right-wing conspiracy theorists not only appear on Fox News, but on a myriad of broadcast cable TV and radio programs and maintain thousands of websites. The History Channel has a special series on conspiracies that outlines the narrative plot in detail and then gives a few comments from a skeptic. Conspiracy-oriented countersubversive right-wing speakers continuously crisscross the United States.

Some Sample Sources:

Accuracy in Media Speakers Schdules 1982-1983 (Partial)

States visited by AIM speakers: Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin

(Spelling errors and other typos have been corrected as a courtesy)

February 1982 AIM Report Speakers Schedule

Feb. 3 - Reed Irvine at Portland, Ore. Kiwanis Club

Feb. 4 - Reed Irvine at Freeman Institute Dinner, Portland, Ore.

Feb. 10 - Allan Brownfeld at Winchester, Va. Kiwanis Club

Feb. 1S - Reed Irvine at Miami, Fl. Rotary Club

Feb. 19 - Murray Baron at Miami, Conf. of Center for Labor and Industrial Relations

Feb. 20 - Reed Irvine at Retired Officers Assn., Savannah, Ga.

Feb. 22 - Philip C. Clarke at Retired Officers Assn., Patrick AFB

Feb. 27 - Reed Irvine at Retired Officers Assn., Leesburg, Va.

Petr Beckmann at Mindzenty Foundation, Chicago, Ill.

Bernard Yoh at Sons of the American Revolution, Luthersville, Md.


Speakers Bureau Schedule -- February 1983
2/02 John Maury
2/03 Charles Wiley
2/05 Petr Beckmann
2/07 Allan Brownfeld
2/10 Petr Beckmann
2/11 Karen McKay
2/13 Bernard Yoh
2/14 Ed Thompson
2/15 Murray Baron
2/16 Reed Irvine

2/17 Reed Irvine
2/17 Lannon Stafford
2/18 Ron Arnold

2/21 Reed Irvine
2/23 Murray Baron
2/25 Murray Baron
2/28 Eric Brodin
2/28 Phillip Luce
Sterling, VA
Galesburg, IL
Los Angeles, CA
St. Paul, MN
Denver, CO
Richmond, VA
Baltimore, MD
West Bath, ME
Miami, FL
Houston, TX

St. Louis, MO
Sierra Vista,AZ
Vancouver, WA

Short Hills, NJ
Mr. Vernon, MY
York, PA
Cullowhee, NC
Cincinnati, OH
American Legion
Rotary Club
Cardinal Mindszenty Found.
Minn. Conservative Union
Colorado Mining Assn.
Reserve Officers Assn.
DAR-Nat'l Defense Luncheon
Rotary Club
NY Institute of Technology
Kappa Alpha Theta Chapter
Pro-America - AIM Ltmcheon
The Discussion Club
Retired Officers Assn.
Clarke Co. Republican
Party Lincoln Day Dinner
DAR Chapter
Hadassah Group
Prof. Society of Engineers
Western Carolina Univ.
Constitution Heritage Club


Speakers Bureau Schedule -- March 1983
Murray Baron
Reed Irvine
Charles Wiley
Charles Wiley
Richard O'Meara
Charles Wiley
Eric Brodin
Emilio Rivero
Reed Irvine
Allan Brownfeld
Harry Schwartz
Reed Irvine
Joost Sluis
Reed Irvine
Reed Irvine
Joost Sluis
Paul Roley
Reed Irvine
Eric Brodin
Charles Wiley
Allan Brownreid
Emilio iivero
John Lawlor
Ray Wannai1
Cape Girardeau, MO
Syracuse, NY
New London, NH
Miami, FL
Miami, FL
Knoxville, TN
Brownwood, TX
New London, WI
New Philadelphia, OH Tuscarawas Co.
Baton Rouge, LA
Cullowhee, NC
Bethesda, MD
Solana Beach, CA
Sacramento, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Laguna Hills, CA
Paradise, CA
York, PA
Brownwood, TX
Sommerville, NJ
Birmingham, AL
Augusta, GA
Spirit Lake, IA
Houma, LA
Chamber of Commerce Banquet
Syracuse University
NR Assn. for Freedom Through Strength
Int'l Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 815
Int'l Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 815
University of Tennessee
Rotary Club
Rotary Club
Republican Party
LA Farm Bureau Fed. Youth Conference
Western Carolina University
Reserve Officers Association
Federated Republican Women's Club
CSUS, Rotary Club
Rotary Club
Kiwanis Club
Masonic Luncheon Club
Rotary Club
Howard Payne University
Rotary Club
Society of Professional Journalists
Rotary Club
Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club
Rotary Club
















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Democracy is a process,
not a specific set of institutions

Democracy is a process that assumes
the majority of people, over time,
given enough accurate information,
the ability to participate
in a free and open public debate,
and can vote without intimidation,
reach constructive decisions
that benefit the whole of society, and
preserve liberty,
protect our freedoms,
extend equality, and
defend democracy.

-Chip Berlet





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